Sacred Creators Oracle + Australian Desert

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An entry by Jessica Blaine Smith

In April I went on the greatest adventure of my life thus far and my Sacred Creators Oracle deck arrived just in time to come along for the ride. I was heading to the centre of Australia with eleven other women. There we would camp in the desert with some Aboriginal women, the original people of that land. I went with little knowledge of what I would see and experience, just with an open mind and heart. Every night I slept in a swag on the ground and I would try to stay awake as long as possible because I had never seen such a big sky before nor so many shooting stars. There, in the middle of nowhere was this vastness, this clarity. No light pollution or city sounds could disrupt the sunsets or stars or the dingos calling in the far distance.

Every morning I would get up before sunrise and hike up to these rocks. I would bring my notebook, my camera and my Sacred Creators Oracle deck. I would climb until I found a suitable spot and then I would start my day in this stillness. It was magical. So quiet and beautiful. The only sound you would hear was the birds and dingos. I remember looking at the vast landscape thinking how incredible it was that life had brought me to such a special and sacred place. That I was looking at land that was rarely seen by humans. My time in the desert changed me.

Following our adventure there, we headed to Uluru, the heart centre of Australia. We spent a few days there – having running water and a toilet after six days in the desert was a dream! Just before it was time to fly out, we had one last look at that Heart of the Earth and I pulled one final card – Collaboration of Souls. That was exactly what this adventure was.

I wrote more about my trip here:

About Jessica
Jessica Blaine Smith is a professional photographer based in Toronto, Canada where she lives with her bartender husband. Her camera has taken her all over this beautiful world from New Zealand to Trinidad to France. She always has a crystal or two on her and an oracle deck closeby. Jessica loves pilates and poutine and believes that life is all about balance. Her passport is always ready for the next adventure.