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Are you ready to build your spiritual biz in a way that is totally aligned with your soul and also strategically set up for success?

Get clear on your brand using strategy and intuition. We will do a group intention setting and then move right into 6 weeks of building your big, beautiful brand journey.

This is powerful stuff. It’s real-world manifesting meets branding, with some deep soul work thrown in. It’s experimental and woo-woo and highly strategic. And it works to get you creatively building a dream that’s 100% aligned with your soul’s desires.

Deep down you already know where you are headed, and how to pull your gifts together to build your expansive dream. You know the potential you have within.

Spirit knows.

But sometimes spirit just needs a gentle reminder that you’d like to follow it’s lead, or – if you’re anything like I was, spirit may need a proverbial kick in the spirit-booty to shake things up a whole lot. We’ll work on your intuition and intention, and use some totally intuitive methods for stirring up your creative soul. (We need a good mix of metrics, business tools, meditation and oracle-thing-a-ma-jigs to get our creative curiosities to come out and play.) We need to guide our analytical (and often short-sighted) left brains in this process, so prepare to stretch your comfort zone in order to shift your perspective.

Yes, my methods are highly unorthodox. But they are also highly effective at getting you on the path towards business bliss.

The goal? Heaping teaspoons of clarity surrounding your own special flavour of brand magic, and a highly strategic action plan to help you successfully cast your gifts out into the world.

The recipe? Mixing two wildly different notions to make your big sacred dream a reality.

Notion 1.

You need to deliver your business strategically and thoughtfully into the world if you really wanna’ hit a home run. And that means you need an amazing brand that connects. Period.

and Notion 2.

You need to h̶a̶r̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ worship your intuition and your desire, so that you can detect, discern and manifest your destiny as a powerful co-creator. I’m going to repeat that idea again, and I’d love for you to say this out loud as you read it:

“I am a powerful co-creator, and I can will my big sacred dreams into being – with intention, attention and inspired action.”

Guest Guides

Becca is a mindful marketing strategist who is a veritable Business Bestie + Soulful Guide. She walks through life with a giant smile and an open heart, and this highly strategic yogi shares her thoughts on Brand Values with us in this course.

Kiala Givehand is a storyteller, bookbinder, and LifeAlchemist™ who guides women to and through creative & spiritual awakenings. She combines creativity with intuition, ancient guidance systems, and intentional self-study as a way to radically cultivate happiness. Her deepest desire is to help women step into their greatness by helping them uncover (and write) their unique story. Through her online programs, workshops, and masterclasses, Kiala provides a safe space for women to explore and discover their dreams. She is a Dreamweaver, a fountain pen collector, a SoulCollage® Facilitator, an Intuitive Guide, and the creator of inspirational decks, books, and retreats. You can connect more fully with Kiala on Instagram (@kialagives) or by taking one of her online classes.

Ethony is a tarot goddess extraordinaire and a talented entrepreneur. She’s a prolific creator of oracle decks, tarot school courses, and magic! She’s also the creator of the Money Magic Manifestation Cards that she shares in the video. In this Sacred Creators course, Ethony teaches us the 3 pillars to The Flow of Money success.



Sue Bowe is an intuitive and strategic guide to businessmen and women wanting more time and energy for the things that fuel their soul, so they can create more meaningful success in an authentic way.

Cheryl Sutherland is a Transformational Speaker, Business Strategist and Founder of PleaseNotes, a for-purpose company of affirmation-filled products. With her playful energetic style, she inspires women to step into their own power by building confidence, clarity, and creativity.

“Thank you, Chris-Anne and Rebecca, for this magical and transformative course. Thank you everyone so much for sharing this sacred space and journey with me. I’m in awe of how far I’ve come since starting this work in late February. Yes, I’ve learned a great deal about branding and marketing that I never knew before, but there’s also been a lot of soul growth, too. It feels good to have a better focus and to be okay with being vulnerable. It’s not so scary anymore! One of the biggest things for me to tackle was being seen and getting past those fears, but I’m doing it. I’m truly grateful to you all. Such a gift! <3”

– Jamie Lynn

“Working with such an incredible base of soul workers inspired me. I found myself wrapping up the class with not only a new working knowledge, but personally moved by the support that this community has. Everyone is so tuned into abundance – not competition. The focus on the journey and the process rather than just the end result morphed the way I approach my business. Y’all definitely tore some of my walls down. I’ve really worked to not be so critical or nervous of myself. You all really gave me courage to be seen as a creator. You were the inspiration for ExtraOrdinary Oracle’s new affirmation deck : Home Grown Om. “

– Mandy Perez, Creator of the ExtraOrdinary Oracle

We had the honour of working with the beautiful Vanessa Sage, PhD as she launched her Sage Priestess Certification. Her intention? 50 spots in her program filled. And yes, she reached max. capacity in her program! We are thrilled to support people who are doing amazing work in the world. Vanessa, you are a light! xo

Kristina of Get To The Art is a soulful creativity production coach who support artists with courses, ideas, inspiration and art career coaching! Her methods include meditation, wise guidance and spreading SO MUCH SUPPORT! We are amazed at the work Kristina has done over the past few months. You are an inspiration!

SaraMarie of Khaos Alchemy teaches regular classes for ROAR, a divine femme collective based in Joshua Tree & an amazing group of
re-wilding womxn!

Want more details? You know you are you interested in blending your marketing with wee magical things under the moon, but you want to see the course syllabus first? ☾

(Grab the Branding and Magic Course Outline)
Course Outline

How do you know when this 6 week intro class is the right fit?

The Sacred Creators Branding and Magic Course is for those who really want to up the ante – for those who want to bring both strategy and intuition into their business and want to walk powerfully in their own skin. It’s for movers and shakers who need a little extra ju-ju in their strategy, and a little extra branding flair in their abundance sessions. And they are looking for an understanding of who they are in their brand to take them there. This class includes a streamlined option for busy entrepreneurs and deeper dive modules if you want them, and it includes group intention settings, live calls and lots of strategic power for you to dig into.

  • You know you have a powerful gift to share with the world
  • You are ready for this success, and to meet your future clients and kindreds
  • You want to show up, everyday, fully authentic and in your own truth
  • Words like spiritual, mindset and essence make you smile
  • You need some brand magic and infectious marketing to help take you there
  • You are ready to feel inspired and unleashed, with an action plan to drive your success

Expect strategic modules on brand voice, your mission, brand values, color and shape psychology. And then we’ll dive into intuitive modules on manifesting, alignment, the flow of money, your brand essence, nd some honest-to-goodness magic!


We’d love to have you join us on this soulpreneur journey of branding and magic!

Sacred Creators Biz & Brand Magic
☾ A Soulpreneur course!

Pricing is $444 USD for a limited time.

(4 month finance option available.)


Our BRANDING & MAGIC course will re-open soon and the wait list is now open

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Card Things

1.1…………..  Light Seer’s Tarot
1.2………….. The Muse Tarot
1.3………….. Sacred Creators Oracle
1.4………….. The Tarot of Curious Creatures

Creator & Biz Things

2.0………….BUSINESS COURSE Branding & Magic
2.1………….Oracle and Tarot Spreads for Business
2.2………….The Sacred Creators Oracle for Biz
2.3………….Manifest Being Seen Course (PAUSED)
2.4………….Manifest Being Seen Prompt Oracle
2.5…………. Creativity and The Muse
2.5 …………. Money and Energy

Intuitive Things

3.0…………..Free Intuition Activation

Poetic Things

4.0…………..Muse and Magic Poetry