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Bradford, ON



+1289 231 6514


For now, just call or email and we’ll find a time that works for both of us! I’ve got big plans for automating all of this… but I’m also a big fan of chatting before we do the deep dive.

Same way you made it 🙂 Let me know by email or phone. 24 hours advance notice is kindly requested.

I create sacred space. Create magical tools. Run a branding course called Branding and Magic and I help other people build their big sacred dreams.

I’ve been running a boutique marketing and design agency for 13 years, so I also play there. (ie: logo design, branding, web design, brochures, etc.)

My LOVE and my PASSION is in the branding phase…. in the getting to know your dream phase, and the getting you launched phased. My superpowers come alive in the inception.

Part coaching and part branding, part intuition and part strategy.

Part NLP and part design.

You know. I give you what you need so you can succeed. And I’d love to chat.

Yep. Absolutely. They will be finalized in about a month! Contact me about pre-order pricing 🙂 xo