How to use a Crystal Grid Audio

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This audio how to for intention setting was originally created during our Sacred Creators Business Magic Course. While you may not be creating a business, I KNOW you are creating SOMETHING as you call abundance into your life. A life… a path… a future…. this audio how to walkthrough will help you to set up your grid. When I say business…. just replace that for LIFE! The process is the same.

How to Set up Your Crystal Grid (Audio how to)

I do grids a little bit differently. I actually call them maps, because I like to write all over them and mark them up. I write my main intention in the center, and then smaller intentions along the outside. As I see my intention coming to life, I also begin to jot down the proof that my dream is coming. It may be a few days later when you notice a small change… a shift… an opportunity that is bringing abundance to you, and when you see it, go ahead and write it down on your grid! Your paper grid will become a journal for your intention, and it will be filled with all the energy that you see, as your grid and your intention comes to life.

Crystals for Abundance?

Enjoy 5 free Crystal Grids with instructions on using the grids to manifest abundance

Sacred grids can completely change the way you work with energy, crystals, and other tools. These geometric powerhouses can strengthen and amplify your intention and redefine your relationship with the energetic patterns of your life. This 11 page pdf booklet was a labour of love 🙂 and I am delighted to offer it as a free download! I use the grids in a way that’s a little bit different than most people (I write all over them!) and when I was asked to explain the process I go through, I created this pdf to share the grid system that I have created.

Sacred crystal grids have ramped up my ability to focus my intentions with CLARITY, so I’ve been able to manifest bigger, faster, and more specifically by working with them. They are one of my favourite meditation tools when I am welcoming abundance and success into my world. Pair these grids with your favourite crystals, cards, rocks, or runes and you’ve got a whole lotta’ powerful and sacred all wrapped up in one tiny space. Plus, they’re beautiful to look at, which always intensifies the all-around positivity that they stir up!

It’s hard to deny that most of the time our thoughts are rampantly out of control. We send them flying out into the universe unleashed and unchecked– and for the most part, just spinning without any real direction. Since your thoughts are a form of energy that can change how you feel and what actions you take, it’s hugely advantageous to harness and direct that energy intentionally.


You can use these grids as starting points for any energywork or divine creations that you are cooking up. From charging your crystals to meditating on a new business idea, crystal grids can help us to strengthen and focus our ENERGY.

If you want to go deeper with grids, go ahead and download FREE booklet primer below.

This is part of the pre-work we do in the Marketing and Magic Course. (We build our plan and bring it to life with grids!)

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