This is a hands-on, dig in and get it done course series.
Students will finish this 2 course bundle with these tangible takeaways:

  • a Soulboard outlining the visual direction of your brand
  • a set of marketing Power Words for your future copywriting
  • your unique Brand Story seeds to help tell your resonant story naturally
  • an Epic Mission Statement to help guide the direction of your business
  • your compelling Why
  • your Elevating Pitch
  • clear and compelling offerings that are aligned with your greatest gifts and your clients needs
  • A Sales Page for 1 main offer
  • a Magnetic Freebie to attract your dream clients
  • a savvy and soulful client generating system
  • a soulful email communication strategy


(Branding and Magic & Marketing and Magic 2-course Bundle)

Get clear on your brand, who you are within your brand, and where your brand needs to to go as you build your big sacred dream. This is highly unorthodox, but also highly strategic, and gives you the base you need to really understand your personal flavour of brand magic.

One hour 1-on-1 Branding Magic

One hour of doing the deep dive on your brand with Chris-Anne. Using the Soulboards and Power Words that you’ve uncovered in the class, we dig into your personal magic and how to best shine in your business. We set sacred space, pull cards and do some powerful intention setting to uncover next steps for your journey.


In this module you will be guided to:

  • Experience a Future Brand Meditation to connect with your Brand Feel.
  • Jump into a playful exercise to help you feel into and identify images and photos that are aligned with your Future Brand.

Brand Voice is the soul of your brand, articulated into words and content.

As a soulpreneur, your brand voice is about YOUR OWN VOICE. It’s the words and speech you use to help hone your brand’s SOUND and PERSONALITY.

In this module you will be guided to:

  • Uncover your brand voice by getting clear on how you want to sound
  • Distill your unique natural expression



As a soulpreneur, your brand voice is about YOUR OWN VOICE. It’s the words and speech you use to help hone your brand’s SOUND and PERSONALITY.

In this module you will be guided to:

  • Draw out your brand’s power words
  • Expand your brand’s vocabulary


Some really phenomenal businesses and breathtaking brands get sabotaged by the money mindset of the soulpreneur behind them.

This mindset glitch touches so many aspects of your soulpreneur journey that you simply can not soar to the heights of your potential until you clear up this whopper of an anchor.

In this module Ethony, creator of the Money Magic Manifestation Cards, will guide you through:

  • The 3 pillars to The Flow of Money
  • Writing your personal Money Flow Statement


Your personal soulboard will contain the essence of your brand. With image, font and colour choices dialled, you will be able to use this base as the springboard for all of your visual communications.

In this module you will be guided to:

  • better understand what your brand colours communicate without words
  • unleash your inner-artist and create a bona-fide Soulboard collage that you can use as a benchmark for the look-and-feel of your brand!


We dig into core values and brand values in this module, and we uncover what’s really important to us AND what’s really important in our business communications. Becca Berggren and Sue Bowe (Wildfire Wisdom) share their wisdom and knowledge and guide you to:

  • uncover your top persona; values
  • think about how to communicate those values in your marketing


As you begin to dive into your future brand, you may find yourself questioning where you are headed with your work. This ‘true north’ is the mission of your business, and it’s an important decision to make when you are looking at your future brand.

In this module you will be guided to:
Create a Mission Statement for Your Soul that will help guide your business decisions and your planning. Miracles can happen when you use your soul’s mission as a north star!



In advertising, we use image and text to create compelling promotions. One of the biggest secrets that we can tap into is the power of colour psychology. In this module we go over:

  • traditional colour psychology
  • alternative meanings (chakras and angel colours)


There’s a ton of opportunity to set intentions and manifest your opportunities in this course, and Tara Howisey (Radiant Goddess Collective) shares a wonderfully simple manifesting exercise with you.



This fun module jumps into bonafide magic with a twist! Shapes, symbols and glyphs have part of communication for 35 thousand years! In this module you will:

  • create your own powerful personal symbol in a way that feels both simple and sacred
  • use that glyph as a way to set intention and cast your plans out into the universe
  • play with the ‘what’s possible’ for your big sacred future


Join tarotpreneur Kelly-Ann Maddox as you uncover a new way to work with archetypal energies.
This highly experiential and experimental module is meant to help you think laterally about your work. (No tarot experience required!)

  • Discover your tarot archetypes
  • Learn how to use major arcana energies to help you in your business
  • Play and journal! This is a journey of learning who you are as well as who you are in your business. The two are intrinsically linked!


(Branding and Magic & Marketing and Magic 2-course Bundle)

Call in your soulmate clients and set up a strategic system so that they can find your
light amidst the chaos of choices… it’s time to root down, stand tall, and manifest being
seen, while bring intuition and serendipity into your marketing systems.

One hour 1-on-1 Marketing Magic with Becca Berggren

One hour of mapping out your resonance plan with Mindful Marketer Becca Beggren. In this session we’ll clarify how to take the brand you’ve envisioned and put it out into the world. You’ll understand what you need to do in order to be seen by your kindred clients. Pure marketing magic!


Below are the ingredients for your beautiful alchemical blend of Sacred Gifts… each one adding a special flavour – each one adding one part of something uniquely you. When they are blended and used to build your dream, they come together to create a set of unique potentials for your future.

In this module you will be guided to:

  • UNCOVER YOUR UNIQUE NATURE. You have a unique nature that allows you to communicate with people in a way that no one else can.
  • IDENTIFY & OWN YOUR INNATE CREATOR STRENGTHS. You have talents and gifts that you can use to propel your life forward.
  • EXPRESS YOUR UNIQUE METHODOLOGY. You’ll be looking into the heart of the experience that you offer.


Your WHY is what you are inspired by and what will inspire others to work with you. Your WHY is full of passion and explains why you do the work that you do. It offers a sense of who you are as a business owner and connects us through our human experience.  Your Big Sacred WHY is magnetic.

In this module you will be guided to:

  • EMBRACE YOUR SACRED WHY TO KEEP YOU INSPIRED. It motivates you to make a difference.
  • EXPRESS YOUR SACRED WHY TO SPREAD YOUR LIGHT. It’s what inspires others to work with you. It draws people to you. It differentiates you. It helps to create and define your offerings.


Telling your own truthful tale helps you to build an audience, to cultivate a stronger connection with them, and it helps you to SHINE your honest magic into the world. In one word, it helps you to RESONATE.

In this module you will be guided to:

  • UNEARTH YOUR BITE-SIZED BRAND STORIES. Your Brand Story is actually a culmination of many little stories that can be shared through posts, emails, social media, etc. We call them your Brand Seeds. They are small windows into your one Epic Story. These small snippets become windows into the heart and soul of your business.
  • BEAR WITNESS AND SHARE DURING THE SOUL STORY MINI SESSIONS. This interactive and heart-wide-open experience offers up a chance for deep connection and clarity as we explore each others Brand Seeds.



Tarot Goddess, Ethony, is back with guided visualizations, mantras and wise teachings to help furthter shift your mindset around Abundance, Money and Wealth. Prepare to dive deeper in the 4 Money Pillars and get down to business!

In this module you will be guided to:

  • Learn to Evade the Money Mindset Traps
  • Rev up your Money Flow with a fresh perspective on Pricing and Packaging


Knowing exactly who your client is, is the ONLY way to make it possible to recognize them when you meet them. This module is about getting really clear on who your soulmate client is, what they need, and how you can align your services with their needs.

In this module you will be guided to :

  • Create your Kindred Client “persona” that you can write to, speak to and sell to
  • Understand who your clients are, what they need and how they think
  • Define your unique type of client, and really begin to connect with them.
  • Begin To Call Them Forth with precision!


We’ve thrown the standard “elevator pitch” into our NEVER AGAIN pile of marketing materials, and created something that’s better. WAY better.

You’ll get to experiment with a few step-by-step formulas of feel-good pitches (think Mad Libs for soulful marketing), and create your elevating pitches in lieu of the elevator pitch. Then, you’ll choose the very best of your pitches to create your ELEVATING MANTRA.

In this module you will be guided to :

  • Try on a variety of Elevating Pitches for size to help you TALK about what you DO.
  • Design your Elevating Mantra. This one is just for you. It’s the one you repeat to yourself in the morning, the one you put on your mirror, and the one that includes intentions and dreams.


Spiritual entrepreneurs often dislike the ‘ickiness’ of marketing and selling their services. Yet, you know that you absolutely must be open to selling who you are and what you do in order to make money.  You need to be seen.

In this module you will be guided to:

  • Take the work you’ve already done in the course, and turn it into a simple marketing tidbit that you can use to connect and say hello to your audience!


Sometimes our inner voice has our backs, and other days (you know those full-blown chatter chatter ego days?) it can be a royal-pain-in-the-manifesting-ass!

In this module, the lovely and soulful intuitive business coach Kristyn Caetano be guiding you to:

  • Get in touch with the unconscious mind, and get some quick and easy answers to your questions as you move forward with your business.
  • Shine some light on any underlying reasons that your inner voice is showing up as negative self talk, fear, or any other pain-in-the-butt shape it may take on.


Wildfire Offerings. They are intriguing, they ignite interest and they incite action. Everything that we’ve done in the course up until now has been preparing us to create a sales page in a way that works – and feels good!

In this module you will be guided to :

  • Create your offerings menu
  • Use our High Vibe Sales Page Planner to strategize how your Wildfire Offering comes to life on your website and calls in (and converts!) your kindred clients.


Anne Hayman knows a thing or two about the moon and business. As the owner of The Moon Sisterhood, she’s built a profitable business helping people connect to the lunar cycle and get their personal energy calendars working for them.

In this module she’ll be guiding you to :

  • Tune into the basic lunar cycles as a way to use and amplify the natural energies that are already occurring in your life.
  • Plan your businesses according to the lunar cycles to make the most of each month. (In one word: momentum.)


This is where your generosity pays you back… big time.

It’s that moment when you get to offer something of value to the world, and share a little bit of your magic with others for free! Some people will love your Irresistible Freebie so much, that they will be excited to purchase your beautiful Wildfire Offering when they are done.

In this module you will be guided to :

  • Plan and design a freebie (a lead magnet, a downloadable, an opt-in) in order to lead potential customers towards your main offering.


To build resonance and a connection with your future clients, you’ll need to walk them down a pathway that shows them how they can know, like and trust you. We’ll guide you step by step with video tutorials how to develop a relationship with your kindred clients by staying in touch through an automated sequence of emails.

In this module you will be guided to :

  • Create a landing page and thank you page for your freebie
  • Connect your Freebie to your email system
  • Set up your Nurturing Sequence – an automated series of emails to build the know like and trust with your Kindred Clients.

This session starts on February 2019 and goes for 14 weeks! Regular price on these two creator courses is $1555, and for the next few weeks, this package will give you Branding & Magic and Marketing & Magic in this 2 course bundle! Special pricing: $1111
(We can guide a maximum of 50 students in this one-time offering, and we hope to sell out quickly!)

Sacred Creators Branding & Magic

Sacred Creators Marketing & Magic 

☾ 2 Soulpreneur courses to grow your aligned, soulful biz!

We ran our test course a few months ago, and now we are ready to rock this course with live calls, content modules, one-on-one coaching sessions and a group call! The 8 weeks of hands-on marketing modules are interspersed with guest lectures and TONS of experiential magic! We want you to leave this course with your opt-ins ready, a plan for your magic offerings that you’ve already set in motion, and a clear understanding of where your brand voice and brand visuals shine.

Many of the modules are done at home via email so there will be plenty of time to work in your business while you use this course to work on your biz. Using aligned intentions, a soulful approach and strategic guidance, we know that you expand your business and enjoy doing the deep dive with this highly unorthodox marketing and branding course offering!

Pricing will be $1111 USD for a limited time.

(4 month finance option available at $333/month for 4 consecutive months
or 10 month finance option available at $133/month for 10 consecutive months.)


You are a sacred creator and you can build the life of your dreams.

We’d be honored to be your guides!