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Uncovering your Brand Voice and Soulboard Week 1



Uncovering your brand voice and your Power Words!

Hello Sacred Creators!
This week you’ve spent some time on your Soulboards, collecting and gathering visual cues for your brand’s future LOOK. In this video, we discuss how words and speech will help you to hone your brand’s SOUND and PERSONALITY.

Below, there are 2 worksheets to go along with this video. The first one is a conventional approach to finding descriptive words for your brand voice and personality. It’s a great place to start.

The second is your Power Words Worksheet. You’ll want to light some incense and get into the mood of FEELING your future brand as work through this one. Meditate on it, re-do the future brand meditation if you’d like – it will help you to find the right words to describe how your future self made you feel.

Soulboards Extra: There is a short video below to help you use your Pinterest Soulboard imagery to draw out your magical marketing Power Words. If you are having any trouble with Pinterest, hop on over to the Facebook group and ask questions! I’ve answered a few questions about Pinterest for those who need a little extra tech help!

Brand Voice Video (11:30 minutes)
Brand Voice document (Approx. 20 minutes to complete)
Power Words document (Approximately 45 minutes to complete)
Extra: Soulboard Theme Video (5 minutes)



Access your workbooks via Facebook or grab them by clicking on the two images above.


Additional Video: Use your Pinterest images to find your brand

Until next week!
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