1 day left! We begin with a full moon intention setting as we set our dreams in motion for the upcoming months of joy.


Get clear on your brand using strategy and intuition. Are you ready to build your spiritual biz in a way that is totally aligned with your soul and also strategically set up for success?


This is powerful stuff. It’s real-world manifesting meets branding, with some deep soul work thrown in. It’s experimental and woo-woo and highly strategic. And it works to get you creatively building a dream that’s 100% aligned with your soul’s desires.


You are a powerful co-creator and you can will your big sacred dream into being

(Yep, magic and marketing. That’s how we roll!)

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How do you know when this 16 weeks is the right fit?

The Sacred Creators Courses (Branding and Magic / Marketing and Magic) are for those who really want to up the ante – for those who want to bring both strategy and intuition into their business and want to walk powerfully in their own skin.

It’s for movers and shakers who need a little extra ju-ju in their strategy, and a little extra branding flair in their abundance sessions. And they are looking for an understanding of who they are in their brand to take them there. These classes run 4 months, and include group intention settings, live calls and lots of strategic power for you to dig into while accessing calls and modules from home.

  • You know you have a powerful gift to share with the world
  • You are ready for this success, and to meet your “tribe”
  • You want to show up, everyday, fully authentic and in your own truth
  • Words like spiritual and manifestation make you smile
  • You need some brand magic and infectious marketing to help take you there
  • You are ready to feel inspired and unleashed, with an action plan to drive your success

Expect 4 months of strategic modules including live calls, modules on brand voice, your epic mission, brand values, and all the marketing strategy you need to get your wildfire offerings launched, communicated and in front of your ideal customers. (See full details here.)

Of course in full Sacred Creators fashion, we also delve into Intuitive modules with manifesting, group intention settings, meditations, using tarot archetypes in business, energy work, chakra alignment for being heard and being seen, and some honest-to-goodness magic!

You can work this blend of magic and strategy from home, and while connecting with the other program participants via live calls and facebook.


This session starts on February 19th and goes for 16 weeks! Regular price on these two creator courses is $1555, and for the next few weeks, this package will give you levels 1 and 2 in this business bundle!
Special pricing: $1111
(We can guide a maximum of 50 students in this one-time offering, and we hope to sell out quickly!)

Sacred Creators Branding & Magic

Sacred Creators Marketing & Magic 

☾ 2 Soulpreneur courses to grow your aligned, soulful biz!

Expect to find clarity on your brand and also dive into creating your marketing materials as you work through the modules.

Included in the price are some fabulous guest lectures, office hours where we will answer your questions, and a lot more experiential magic! We want you to leave this course with your opt-ins ready, your magic offerings dialed, and a full understanding of where you are headed and how you are going to call in your customers.

Many of the modules are done at home via email so there will be plenty of time to work in your business while you use this course to work on your biz. Using aligned intentions, a soulful approach and strategic guidance, we know that you expand your business and enjoy doing the deep dive with this highly unorthodox marketing and branding course offering!

Pricing will be $1111 USD for a limited time.

(4 month finance option available at $333/month for 4 consecutive months
or 10 month finance option available at $133/month for 10 consecutive months.)


You are a sacred creator and you can build the life of your dreams.

We’d be honored to be your guides!



“Thank you, Chris-Anne and Rebecca, for this magical and transformative course.
Thank you everyone so much for sharing this sacred space and journey with me. I’m in awe of how far I’ve come
since starting this work in late February. Yes, I’ve learned a great deal about branding and marketing that
I never knew before, but there’s also been a lot of soul growth, too. It feels good to have a better focus
and to be okay with being vulnerable. It’s not so scary anymore! One of the biggest things for me to tackle
was being seen and getting past those fears, but I’m doing it. I’m truly grateful to you all. Such a gift! <3”

– Jamie Lynn SerendipityMoonAlchemy.com



“Sacred Creators Branding & Magic is a wonderful course to help you connect
with the energy of your business, align with it and infuse it In all that you do. I love how Chris-Anne
steps out of the box to guide you into developing a deeper relationship with your business – honoring it,
your sacred purpose and yourself.”

– Linda Lang, ThoughtChange.com



“Working with such an incredible base of soul workers inspired me. I found myself wrapping up
the class with not only a new working knowledge, but personally moved by the support that this community has.
Everyone is so tuned into abundance – not competition. The focus on the journey and the process rather than just
the end result morphed the way I approach my business. Y’all definitely tore some of my walls down.
I’ve really worked to not be so critical or nervous of myself. You all really gave me courage to be seen as a creator.
You were the inspiration for ExtraOrdinary Oracle’s new affirmation deck : Home Grown Om. ”

– Mandy Perez, Creator of the ExtraOrdinary Oracle ExtraOrdinaryOracle.com



“I gained SO much from the course including more clarity and confidence in my brand.
There’s SO much powerful & awesome content and I especially loved the modules on Epic Mission,
Brand Voice, and my one-on-one session. The course is truly one of a kind, so rich in content and I
got so much clarity, a deepening of what my brand is about and some fascinating new tools.”

– Polly Alexandre, PollyAlexandre.com