Muse Tarot Deck Pre-Order


This unexpected deck is named the Muse Tarot because this it showed up while I was working on the Light Seer’s deck. Like smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-it. And the Muse had this booming idea for a new deck, and she demanded to be heard. She showed up like an inspiration party with a rock band of creative goddesses, each one wanting to be brought to life in a way that felt fun, inspiring and totally quirky. This deck is eclectic, and upbeat, as is the uniquely written guidebook that sprouts poetry and muse wisdom in very non-conventional ways.


A cool new tool to dive into that will be both inspiring and profound. And, if the stretch goal on this one is met, you’ll be getting your digital guidebook in APP form, complete with AUDIO. YES MUSE! Let’s do this!


The four suits have been swapped out so that they are much more descriptive of the muse energy behind each element:

Fire / Wands becomes Inspiration
Water / Cups becomes Emotions
Air / Swords becomes Voices
Earth / Pentacles becomes Materials

The Muse Tarot guidebook will be written for the creator in mind, so that the Muse can help you to build the life you desire. The Muse also knows a thing or two about life, love and finding hapiness 😉 and I know this deck will be an inspiring blend of motivation, creativity and giuidance.

  • 79 Cards printed on luxuriously thick 400 GSM card stock
  •  Cards will be finished with a silky soft matte lamination and have gilded or coloured edges, and packaged in a vertical box with a lid.
  •  The Muse Tarot guidebook will be digitally created, and if we reach our stretch goals it will become an APP! I am dreaming of a super creative way to get your muse meanings over to you. This deck demands it. The messages from the muse come in the form of key words, journal prompts, main messages and…. P O E T R Y.

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