Light Seer’s Deck Pre-Order



This Light Seer’s indie deck is a very special limited first edition of my creative baby!
After 20 months in the making, I have finally sent this deck off to the printer, and I’ve chosen premium card stock and the highest quality matte finishing for this first version. It will include the expanded edition of the guidebook, and it will be in a larger box than future editions.
It will also come signed and numbered, and come bundled with lots of extra love as we pack these up one by one and send them off to their new homes.

Tarot brings us into a world of traditional and non-traditional archetypes, and invites us to explore its collection of human stories and seeds of wisdom, as we travel the sunshine-and-shadow-laden path of the Light Seer.

I wanted to create a deck that not only explored the counterpoint found in traditional tarot archetypes, but that expressed updated ideas around dark and light. I wanted a deck that expressed – in visual form – the concept that the stars can’t shine without the night.

The deck is meant as a healing tool, as well as a trusted guide as we explore our own inner landscape. As the creator of the deck, I also knew that I wanted to add relatable, free-spirited characters who felt a lot like boho-sunshine and that nodded to contemporary spirituality.  Many of the artwork concepts are based in ideas of healing, energy work, and in working towards goals and dreams through mindset and belief.

I believe that we can choose who we are becoming and where we are headed in life, and the symbolism speaks to that belief. Tarot can be profoundly healing when you find a deck that really speaks to your soul, and I hope the Light Seer’s can become a trusted ally as you work your magic and shine your dreams out into the universe!


I have been working in graphic arts for 15 years, and this deck is a culmination of all of my design skills, both manual and digital. Some of the cards are 100% digital, where other cards include hand worked elements. I haven’t followed a set “process” for the cards, except to listen to my heart and to take some risks and chances on the artwork, so that the deck has a voice that is unique.

  • 78 Cards printed on luxuriously thick 400 GSM card stock
  • Cards will be finished with a silky soft matte lamination and have  gilded ( or coloured ?) edges. To be determined!
  • Beautifully designed box with a lid.
    { The box is not designed yet, but I promise it will be beautiful! 😉

A ‘Lite’ Version of The Light Seer’s Deck will be published by Hay House in 2020! It will not have the same 295 page guidebook, large box or thick matte cardstock, but if you want to wait it will likely be easier to find, and closer to home.

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