Brand and Marketing Strategy Session – 80 min. via Skype

$222.00 $189.00

Powerful strategic & intuitive branding

20 minutes setting intention, getting clear on the goals, calling in sacred space and then 60 minutes of powerful strategic branding.

You will be sent an email after you purchase your session that will include a brand questionnaire to prepare us both for the session, and we will book our time slot via email.

Types of things we may cover in a brand session:

  • Let's look at your brand and what elements are missing.
  • Where is your brand shining, and what is working for you?
  • Let's look at what can be polished and buffed so that it shines even brighter
  • Let's diagnose what you could let go of in order to really jump into your power.
  • Let's make sure your marketing is compelling to your target
  • Messaging!
  • Let's get clear on your target and goals


Brand coach, Branding guide, Marketing oracle.



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