The meanings of Wunjo:
• absolute joy
• happiness
• emotional tranquility
• realizing of an ambition
• fruition
• harmony
• cooperation and companionship

Also Called:
Wyn (Old English), Vend, Vin, Wunja

Of Interest:
The rune symbolizes a reward, and is linked to happiness, good health and wealth.

It is SUCH a positive rune, that it can shift the full reading to positive one in a rune cast.
It is linked to the gods Odin and Frigg.

Wunjo in Divination:
Happiness is yours if you stay focused on the reward at the end of your hard work. It is important to stay optimistic and to remember that you can pair wishful thinking with effort in order to reach your destination.

Wunjo helps to stave of sadness and negativity. By removing the negative thoughts the universe can shower the receiver with the gifts that they are meant to receive.

Wunjo is a rune of love, and social communities. Togetherness and celebration.

Sometimes to find joy you need to look at things differently, and wunjo can help bring clarity to a situation, or help us to shift our thought patterns so that we can find the joy that we seek. By shifting, the right opportunities and the right people come into our lives when we need them. Wunjo is a rune of sweet serendipity, the light heart, rewards and advancement.

Wunjo reversed:
When rune casting, the reversed rune can mean a stagnation or a block in the positive properties of the rune. In Wunjo, it can mean stalled or blocked joy. It can indicate that there has been a misunderstanding, or there may be difficulties in a partnership leading a difficult time. It’s not a great time to begin new projects.

You may be attracting the wrong type of energy to the situation. You may believe that you are being positive, but an underlying thought pattern may be sabotaging your ability to manifest your desires.

You may have impractical enthusiasm for a project or situation – your joy may be displaced, or unwarranted.. maybe you are not seeing all the sides to the story.

Regardless of why joy is blocked, knowing that a change of heart or looking at things in a new light can bring happiness back to your situation.