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Fear Can Be a Nasty Beast

Fear is not the friend you want to be carting around with you. It has a tendency to sink in deep, grow like a weed and if you let it run wild it can strangle your dream before you even get your wings stretched out.

Fear is a nasty naysayer. It snickers and sneers behind your back.. and screams out mean-girl insults.

fear may sound like:
I’m not good enough

I’m not ready
I look like sh*t
Why would they listen to me?
What if I fail?

So the way forward, lovely soul, is to make sure that your dream is infinitely bigger than your fear.

Breathe into your belly and pull up your dream again. Hold it safe and sacred and successful in your mind’s eye, and remember what you were really working towards. Know that you are safe in this journey.

Your fear is an indicator that you are being brave enough to change the status quo.

We all experience fear on the road to success. Each and every über-succesful entrepreneur on the planet has been afraid, unsure – and moments when they were worried that their big idea may not work.

What distinguishes them from everyone else is that they did it anyways. They learned to managed that fear and self-doubt, they kept moving anyways, and they did it in spite of their fear.

Do it anyways.

Tell fear to move out of the way, and know that prosperity comes to those who are brave enough to follow their own light along the way.

Innovation is scary. Risk is scary. Putting your creative work out there… is scary. Learn to accept that fact, and keep moving along.

<h1> Do it anyways. </h1>