Connection + Insta Tools + Magic to help you share your gifts with confidence, heart and ease.

Connection + Insta Tools + Magic to help you share your gifts with confidence, heart and ease.



We are in a time of massive change and evolution - and your special blend of magic is needed in the world. Creator soul, it’s time to come out of hiding, to rise up, show up and to be seen.

You’re feeling the desire to share your bright light and sacred gifts with the world...and you know that Instagram can be amazing tool to help you share your vision, heart, gifts and create aligned connections.

But ack! You’ve heard this all before. What you need right now are some strategies to create some bonafide magic on your instagram feed, so that you can use it for the beautiful playground for creativity and collaboration that you know if could be.


You want to feel
inspired to post,
and you want to inspire others with your online presence.



You’re ready to use social media to create a cozy gathering place for collaborations, opportunities and connecting with clients through social media.

And, you know that they key to making your business work, is to start being seen as the vibrant creator that you are.

But like so many soulpreneurs you have trouble truly being seen online.

We know it takes more than just having a strategy, some fancy tools and a plan.

As an energetic being, your body, smile, your thoughts and writings become the external garb that you wrap around the light that lies beneath your skin.


We want to show you there’s another way that involves
more magnetism - less grasping and pushing
more flow - less resistance -
More belief - Less doubting
More collaboration and heart connection - Less competition and scarcity


We’ve designed a system for sensitive souls, creatives and soulpreneurs that gives you the strategic and magical tools to help you share the luminous and REAL version of YOU on Instagram.

We want to help you express your true essence with integrity, heart and confidence - because the REAL you is magnetic….and is your ticket to growing your business.

  • Can you imagine knowing what to post and how it ties into your brand story and the growth of your business?. To really see that their is a method to the madness.
  • How cool would it to be “in” on all the tips, tricks, tools and strategies that make showing up sooooo much easier - less of a time suck and so much easier.
  • What if your instagram posts expressed the true YOU, so that people could SEE you, your vibrant gifts and clearly understand how you want to help.
  • Can you imagine building a community of like-minded people - with real connections made up of people who care for each others success and well-being?


Join Us To

Join Us To

Wake up excited to share your journey and your offerings - because you know it will be well received. Instead of posting to an audience of crickets.

Boost your engagement, your audience and get to good stuff - building your connections with like-minded souls.



  • Canva Design templates for your Instagram Stories and your feed (Visually-driven non-designer, we've got you covered!)
  • Intention-Led Planner to guide your content and your sharing.
  • Tech tutorials to demystify the free apps and tools that we are using to create online video and audio.
  •  Oracle-inspired prompts to help you make decisions on your posts for the week. (bring serendipity into your feed!)

Mystify your feed


  • The tech tools needed to create audio and video posts
  • The design tools to elevate your feed
  • Content planning