Calling in your Kindred Clients.

Your magic customer is the one who loves what you are up to, feels immediately drawn to your product or service, who sees you and immediately resonates with your vibe.

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1. You can find your magic customers by simply BEING YOU, and by describing the authentic experience of working with you in a way that is honest, clear, and
exciting. Part of the work in finding the magic customer base has to do with how you describe your product or service.

2. You can choose to draw a specific type of customer into your business through marketing copy, with your look-and-feel (color and design), and with how you present yourself in the world.

3. You can choose to draw a specific type of customer to your business through
intention setting.

4. Most importantly, you can find your magic customer by getting very clear on who they are and how you serve them.

Your magic solution begins with how you solve
someone else’s problem, or how you move them closer
to where they want to be.

Audio Class for Worksheet 1

Meditation for Worksheet 2