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Polarize isn’t a bad word

Your particular brand magic won’t be perfect for everyone. Sometimes, we try so hard to appeal to a large audience that our messages get watered down and very safe.

Great business leaders are not selling safe, usual, everyday ideas.

In order to really find your tribe, you have to take a risk and be authentic enough for people to say YES! Now that is the person I need to work with.

If you have some people saying that, the flipside is also true. Some people won’t love what you’re up to.. and that faster you learn that that is a-ok, the faster you will be off to the races with building your tribe.

Be kind. Be loving- and once you have that looked after don’t worry about offending people with your vision or your opinion. Be courageous, and put yourself out there in order to call in your tribe.

Lead your tribe and bring them together.

In order to find them, however, you will have to push past a vanilla brand and take a chance on your authentic you.