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Now is the time

There are magical moments of inspiration and big ideas. Those moments are what motivate us to begin and to jump fearlessly towards our destiny.

Those moments are often followed quite closely with self-doubt and whole lotta’ analytical could-this-really-work type of thinking.

While it’s perfectly alright to make sure that a biz idea is sound and strategic… it’s also a perfectly fab idea to listen to your intuition and and to sprint towards your goal when inspiration hits.

Sometimes you just know.

Sometimes you feel it’s right. If you feel the creative bug to jump into a new idea and your worried or unsure… jump ahead anyways and decide along the way. What you learn as you leap will be experience that you will bring you to where you headed- regardless of the outcome.

Life is not about prepping for a final destination.
You’ve hear it before – Life is the destination.

There is such a thing as blocking the magic by over-thinking.

Embrace your best future today, and trust the universe to guide you along the way.