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Your soul knows.

It always does. Take some time to listen in and get in touch with it.

Time to take an afternoon for you. Meditate. Light some incense. Set an intention. Invoke a goddess. Get a massage – you get the idea. It’s time for an afternoon away from the busy to really get in touch with what your soul is saying.

Set the intention in the morning that you will get an intuitive hit that day, and take the time needed to listen in. If you need to journal to get in touch – grab a pen and notebook and go to town.

You probably already know what you want right now.

So go for it! Our brains are hardwired to help us, not hinder us! So if you are desiring a future for yourself, it’s because it is possible for you to achieve it.

Build belief and hustle into your day, and make sure they are aligned with your true desires.

Take what everyone else wants out of the equation. This is all about what you want.

And just for the record – it’s okay to want multiple things and to not be sure. Soul purpose doesn’t have to be a “thing” – it can also be a feeling. So start with how you want to feel and move forwards based on that.