The Yin and Yang / Masculine and Feminine in Business

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Are you more yin or more yang in the way you run your business? Do you have a good balance? And how are you bringing forth the masculine and feminine in business?

Yang energy is the action energy. It’s the go energy… the full out hustle and the competitive nature within us, and it’s the getting the to-do-list done.

Yang is masculine in it’s nature. It’s the on. The fire. And the passion.

Yin energy is the still energy. It’s the waiting. The allowing creative ideas to culminate and allowing the seeds of your creations to take root. It’s trusting the universe to provide.

Yin is watery, flowing and feminine – it is the energies of intuition and collaboration.

In traditional business, we are are on most of the time. We are the hustle and the bustle and we are heavily rooted in our yang for most of the day.

True beauty of yin and yang lie in balance. In one the other is born, and so sometimes we can be so overly yang that we jump without allowing ideas to come to fruition – we cut them short as we begin to plan and schedule and break down the steps as soon as the idea is born.

How do you balance the two? What are your thoughts on the masculine and feminine in business?

Listen to the 2 minute micro cast and the community responses above! If you are have access to the anchor app (on iOS only right now – May 2016) and you’d like to join in, I’d love to hear how you work with yang and yin as you run your business.

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