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Start the journey of crafting your brand story by answering these questions planting some brand story seeds.

Your brand story should explain why you do what you do. The best brand stories have a strong human element, and the closer aligned it is to your soul’s passion and purpose the more compelling and charismatic it will be. People whose brand is strongly rooted in their personal power and their inner core truth have mesmerizing brands.

So grab a pen, sit back, and click play!

Brand Story Seeds + Soul Session

The only rules as you begin this process?
Dig deep here. Find the human element. And no B.S.!
The first draft of these answers is for your eyes only.

Brand Story Seeds:

Why do you do what you do? And what is your true passion? (*alert* no selling.)

What is your motivation?
And what drives you to push yourself to be better, everyday?

What have you learned about yourself on this journey?
{Dig out the good, the bad and the fugly.}

Was there a breaking point or a moment of inspiration when you just knew you had to start your business? What was going on at that time?

Is there something about your old life that you disliked, that you are fixing with your business?

OR maybe there’s something about the world that needs a little TLC? {Go you!}

Who relies on you? And why does your business have to succeed?

What would happen if your business doesn’t succeed?
{Yuck. I hate thinking about this one too!}

Have you made mistakes along the way? What have you learned from them?

How has your path changed since you started?

Was there any one person (or thing) that helped you to carve out your path?

How does your business help others? And why is this important?

How has entrepreneurship changed your life for the better?

What type of person would you like to become?

Any sage advice for fledgling entrepreneurs?

These should seed some ideas for your brand story. Talk them over with colleagues, and they will tell you what part of your story hits the sweet spot somewhere between heart strings and compelling. The best brand stories have a strong human element and show vulnerability, passion, your own personal quirkiness as an entrepreneur and your particular flavour of human-spirit.

Wishing you all the happiness and success in the world,
xo Chris

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