Vulnerability in Business : How Courageous is Your Branding?

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Fearless Self Expression in Branding.
It’s a thing.
It’s a magnetic thing.
A thing you simply cannot. stop. looking. at.

People who are singing their own tune, totally rockin’ out to their unique beat are absolutely magnetic. They are intriguing, and they are the people we tend to remember.

Vulnerability in Business is Authentic

Courage in branding is a beautiful thing. When a person’s essence — the very core of who they are — is clear, we are able to distill that essence down into a really unique brand. We can pull a set of textures, images, messages, colours, and a way of communicating that is an honest-to-goodness representation of everything that person is. And that mirror of who they are? That’s when the brand becomes truly powerful.

In my experience the process of getting down to one powerful and magical brand only happens when you know exactly who you are, and when you have the courage to put yourself – your true self – out there.

It happens when you let go of the shoulda’ woulda’ coulda’s and start moving towards the I-am-becomings.

Don’t be afraid to show your growth! People love transformation stories. We love watching people evolve and learn. We love to see people who are open and willing to put their quirky out there to be judged by the world. And then own it!

Vulnerability in business? Ahhh for me it’s an absolute joy to see. In the audio clip above, you’ll explore a 2 minute micro podcast on fearless self expression in branding (taken from my daily draw business oracle series) along with other people’s audio replies, and the conversation that emerged about courage in business.

Grab your coffee and hit play for a quick, casual and intriguing conversation on vulnerability in business and being brave! It’s all about showing up as you.

Listen to the amazing community and the responses.. especially the ukelele serenade in there! And please Join us on if you have an iOS device! (I hear that Android support is on the way.)


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