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I had the absolute pleasure of biz riffing with the lovely Ethony from Ethony.com last month. Ethony is a tarot goddess and a brilliant entrepreneur who runs a tarot school as well as a creative business creating and producing oracle decks. Ethony and I have a lot of similar viewpoints on what it means to run a sacred biz, and what being a spiritual business owner really means. We spoke about branding your business as a spiritual entrepreneur (soulpreneur, spiritpreneur, magicpreneur, etc.) and about getting out of your own way in order to make money!

Key Takeaways:

Don’t brand yourself for where you are today. Brand for where you are going! -via @_ChrisAnne Click To Tweet
Too many people brand “small.” Avoid this by branding expansively. Brand for where you’re headed not for where you are. This will avoid the need to re-brand in a few years after you’ve grown.

Don’t be afraid to do the deep soul dive before branding. Again, it saves you the rebrand in the future.

Don’t be afraid to polarize your audience. This is the only way to find people who LOVE what you're all about -via @_ChrisAnne Click To Tweet
Don’t worry about losing people on social media as you begin to switch your accounts over from personal to business. You’ll find your tribe that way! Again, don’t worry about polarizing your audience. As a creator, you’ll your tribe that way. You’ll get much better metrics and understanding of your business if you push people to unsubscribe or to love you. You’re looking for those that LOVE what you’re up to!

Invest in your business. As soon as you are at capacity, it’s time to look at engaging external help so that you stay clear of burnout!

See the video on youtube

Ethony can be found at Ethony.com. (You have got to check out this woman’s oracle cards! They’re gorgeous!)

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