The Meraki of Business

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The word meraki has been buzzing around in my mind this week. It’s the soulful creativity and the love that you put into the creative process.

Meraki is the essence of yourself that you put into your work.

Think of anything you’ve ever made… any creation that feels like you put your whole being into it…. long after your creation is finalized, your meraki is still there, inside the final product, right?

Your creation has your distinct flavour, your touch… something that says it was made by you.

It’s like the universe concretizes (or brings to life) an artwork or a creation that holds a piece of your unique essence… it binds your meraki for a little while- into matter.

This flow of energy outwards from our bodies to a “thing” is really interesting to me, especially as we think about our work and our businesses, and the affects we have on the world around us. Putting our heart and our soul into our work, and then having it touch someone else’s soul at a later time is a fascinating notion, when you think about it from an energetic point of view.

Meraki – your essence, that is put in a piece of work or a project has a reach long after you are gone.

Meraki is the grandmother’s cake that is so good because she’s made them it with love and with her energy. The recipe could be repeated in exactly the same way.. but when it’s missing that secret ingredient of meraki… it doesn’t taste quite the same.

The rest of my spoken musings on this wonderful Greek word are available in the sound cast, locked away as digital matter…. for you to enjoy at your leisure. It’s a wildly expansive love chat – a waxing poetic to the wonders of the energetic universe and the power we hold within. On epigenetics and how meraki could ultimately help to shift human consciousness and thus human DNA, and the beautiful mirror that we hold up for each other as beings occupying the same space… or at very least, who have looked at the same piece of meraki-matter that someone  else has left behind.


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