Meditation for business: Find your future brand

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More details and step-by-step instruction on this meditation for branding method here:

It’s unorthodox, but sometimes we need a little jolt to push us into our most creative space. Meditation can free us from our inner critics, and from the stiffness and the constraints that we bring to the table everyday. It’s can be both a way to hone and sharpen perception, and an outlet for creative visualization and expression. (In other words, you can perceive and then put into concrete thoughts the ideas and concepts that your inner critic has been shooting down, has been too afraid to try, or has been avoiding. We often subconsciously avoid ideas that our subconscious thinks may be difficult for us. This is great if you are happy with the status-quo. The problem for anyone who is actively working on  making positive changes in their life is that sometimes, we need to take on difficult tasks to grow. (ie: the introvert who needs to make some strides meeting people in order to make the connections they need to grow their business.)

If your analytical mind is crossing its arms right now, and shaking its head – do a quick Google search of brainwaves and meditation, and look at some neural imagery and EEG results that are recorded while people are in a meditative state. The results are really cool. You will see areas of the brain lighting up and shutting down that you wouldn’t usually see. I take this as proof positive that we are accessing another tool to help us with our business questions- or any questions at all, really.

There’s a lot that happens in the frontal lobe and the limbic system when they hook us up to wires to study meditation. These areas are responsible for shifts in perception, behaviour, what we are thinking- together, these areas have a profound impact on how we feel about ourselves, and the actions we take. Meditation for business can feel a little bit funny for many people. I think that’s because so many new business owners have a strange relationship with money and with success, and don’t necessarily feel like being successful will make them better people.

Ergo- meditating for self improvement should be left to personal things, and not to business things. This is how I like to counter that thinking: When you are a creative, a soulpreneur, a healer or a person who is really trying to make a go of a business that is making the world a better place, the quest goes beyond the boardroom and becomes infinitely more personal. For most heart-based business owners, your business is a blend of your ideals and your hopes and dreams for the world. It’s a reflection of you in the world. How could that possibly remain separate from your hopes and desires to grow as a person? We are the sum of our parts. Why not use all of your resources, and employ every critical and emotional faculty that you have at your disposal to move your business ahead?

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