Interviewed by Sarah Starrs WHOOP WHOOP

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I had the wonderful opportunity to chat magic and business with the lovely Sarah Starrs on Girl Gang Conversations! Sarah has interviewed some amazing women like Gala Darling and Vix from New age Hipster, so when she asked I was like a little kid, nearly jumping out of my seat to say YES!

We chatted magic in business, manifesting, setting firm boundaries around time and energy, finding sacred flow in the everyday, and during the interview I realized how my manifestation practice has changed dramatically in the last few years.

She asked me about “second-novel syndrome”, hustle and I gave away my secret to paid positive intentions coming my way.

Thanks so much Sarah for your candid way of sharing, for allowing me to share my ramblings… and for pushing me up against the edges my comfort zone.

{I always feel so much more eloquent in video and in the written word. Audio transitionally scares me, so a big merci for allowing me to grow!}

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