How would life look, if we treated every conversation as sacred? ♡ Meditation for Business

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How would life look, if we treated every conversation as sacred?

I want to talk about the simplest and deepest of things.
I want to stop for a moment, in the wake of the hustle and the bustle… in the middle of the sales and the savings and the posts and the emails … to take a moment to tune into how we treat one another.

Online, through the safety of a screen.
Offline, through the safety of the relationship.

How much love we bring to every conversation is the most basic and intimate form of self-expression that we have. Every interaction has the potential to be sacred.
No wait. Scratch that. 
Every interaction is sacred.
We choose who we are becoming every time we
engage in conversation with someone else.

Every word we speak. Or write.

How much love we bring to the table is a direct reflection of how much love we want our futures to contain.

And what would life look like if we treated every interaction as a sacred opportunity?

How would you ̶r̶e̶a̶c̶t̶ respond to those who think differently?
What world would be we collectively creating if we followed this principle?
And what would you post about today?

During our Manifest Being Seen course, we created a Fireside Chat and accompanying Meditation to explore these questions and to support members of the Lab.

But now, in a time where we need more love and compassion than ever before, we want to make this deep dive into power, speaking truth with love and compassion available to everyone. It doesn’t feel right to keep it locked up in our membership site.

We are including them for you below. 👇🏼

We hope they support you!

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Keep shining beautiful soul!