Gratitude to the soulpreneur {poem}

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This was originally published on instagram, and inspired by the lovely soulpreneurs who I am working with in the Sacred Creators Branding and Magic Course.

You guys are wonderful!


If not you, who? If not now, when?
Thank you sweet Sacred Creator for listening to the whispers of your soul and for moving step by step towards your calling.

Thank you for remembering that lighting up your own dream, and setting your world aglow, makes you a beacon of hope.

Thank you for bravely lighting the flame in a world that desperately needs this light.

Thank you for exploring the path less expected and for making new roads with your own true map – your own true heart- so that I may follow you into the forest and towards the spring of my own joy. △

The layers of beauty that you’ve revealed along the way have become the reminder to us all of where we are headed, and of who we can be when we live in fervent passion with our highest truth.

Thank you for being a sacred mirror, and for lighting up the hearts of others. For you are a soul in the night with a flame unwithering, and when you strongly shine your message against the wind… You awaken us all to the new reality where one story can set a billion hearts into bliss. Where one flicker can withstand the strongest of storms – and where we can join you in one song. And where we will be a candle in the night and a love in the starry sky for all who are listening and for those who are searching.

Thank you sweet Soulpreneur for setting my soul on fire – in passion – in bliss, and in desire for more. You have ended my slumber and given me reason to believe that I can be more- do more and AM more.

△ △
Thank you for being you, and for making me dream big enough and expansive enough to be me. You are loved and I am thankful for the courage and magic that you have brought to my life by your shine.

In gratitude, soulpreneur!

My name is Chris-Anne and I’m a brand strategist and a magic maker. Let’s chat about how to build your big sacred dream with business savvy, intuition and magic.

I create brands, websites, campaigns and strategic action plans. I also believe that business building should be fun and aligned with your soul!


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