Grae Moon Mystic’s New Moon Spread

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photo by @ebbndan

and spread created by Abi of @GraeMoonMystic

Dani at @GraeMoonMystic hosted an Instagram Divination challenge this August. I happened upon it when Abi (@ebbndan) posted her beautiful photo of the Sacred Creators Oracle, and I knew I had to try this one.

It’s simple and powerful for a full moon spread, and it does a great job of giving you an action card so that you can move through any sticky energy you’re feeling as the moon grows in the waxing phase.

Thanks Dani and Abi for allowing us to share your creations!

Grae Moon Mystics New Moon Spread

1. A card for where you are
2. A card for where you want to be
3. A card for how to obtain it
4. The outlook

You can check out more from Dani at the Grae Moon Mystic website: