Finding Your Purpose and Passion Exercise 1 : Your Brand “Theme”

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Finding your purpose or your passion can often feel like it is just beyond reach. Sometimes, you know in your heart how you want to feel, and how you want to live, but you aren’t sure how to get there. Other times, you have a good idea of what steps you need to take to build a better life, but you can’t fully pinpoint what your purpose is, and so building that better life may feel unrooted, or without a north that feels right to you.

If you feel intrinsically like there is something more, and like you are meant to be doing greater things with your life, you may also be experiencing a subtle (or not so subtle!) frustration at not being on the right path.

I truly believe that we are exactly where we need to be at any one time, and that your past has brought you to this exact moment. At any point in your life, you get to choose where you are headed next, so these exercises can help you to gain clarity as you hone in on your true north.

This elegantly simple exercise will help you in finding your purpose – or your brand’s purpose – by pulling out your underlying theme story.

1. List your favourite movies. (3 or more.)
When I did this exercise I couldn’t choose 3 so I had a list of 7.

I’m a sci-fi fantasy fiend so these were the ones that were top of mind:
1. What Dreams May Come
2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
3. Underworld
4. The Matrix
5. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
6. Labyrinth
7. Pan’s Labyrinth-
8. Contact

2. Find common themes
Find similar themes in your movies. Maybe there is an underdog theme, an anti-hero theme… or impossible love that works. Maybe there is a common thread about people turning their lives around, finding courage, etc.

Likely, you love those movies because the theme mirrors your own. They will be aligned with your purpose. Find parallels with the common themes you’ve found and see how you can reflect those in your brand.

My example movies are here:
What Dreams May Come (Lost in magic journey to find his love, sacrifice, awakening to truth, leap of faith, beleiving in magic)
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Impossible yet true love, love of the unloveable, truth revealed)
Underworld (Impossible yet true love, love of the unloveable, breaking molds)
The Matrix (Understanding reality, believing in love, awakening to truth, leap of faith, beleiving in yourself)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Consuming Love,love of the unloveable, breaking molds, leap of faith)
Labyrinth (Girl remembers who she really is, awakening to truth, leap of faith, believing in magic)
Pan’s Labyrinth (sacrifice, quest for truth, believing in magic)
Contact (The unknown, contacting higher self, awakening to truth)

Together, these reflect in perfect precision my brand’s purpose.

To help people awaken to their truth, find their belief in their own magic, to love their brands and take leaps of faith in order to build their dreams.

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  1. Movies:
    1-Overboard- Goldie Hawn- wealthy bitchy woman has an awakening and falls in love with a widower and his kids
    2- Seems Like Old Times Goldie Hawn Chevy Chase- (Old boyfriend comes back into picture to be rescued by old girlfriend who is now married to someone else)
    3. Private Benjamin -Goldie Hawn- wealthy but naive newly widowed woman joins the Army, and has an awakening

    Underlining- HUMOR, humility, connections, widow

    (This is ironic because I am a widow too and I’ve had to learn how to bounce back after abandonment depression and lonliness not to mention having a major awakening too)

    1. Post

      Wonderful Beth! 🙂
      I love how easy we are able to find the golden thread that runs though our purpose through our favourite movies! xoxo

      1. Yes, it is! I’m so drawn to the humor in the Goldie Hawn movies. She doesn’t take herself serious and she is always so loving yet naive in her movies.

        I hope you had a chance to visit my “The Susan Language Show” blogger site. It really reflects the 1960-1970’s female fashion and tv icons that I resonate with. They are my muse!!!

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