Designing logos for a health clinic

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Designing Logos and Branding for Wellness

What do you feel when you look at soft flowing lines vs. jagged pointed ones? Circles vs. stars?

Much in the same way that we use written language to convey ideas and meaning, we also use visual language to convey emotion.

The visual language that graphic designers use is much more visceral than standard written language, and equally as free-flowing. The visual meanings can vary culturally (like dialects), they can be abstract (like poetry) or they can be quite obvious in their communication (like using the red ad green colours of an Italian flag in a logo for an Italian restaurant.)

When designing artwork or logos for a health clinic, it’s important to think about basic building blocks like shape, form and colour and the meanings that they already convey as we build out a design. When working on logo design for health or healing, it becomes even more complex, because many of my clients already have a strong intuitive understanding of visual shape and form, and some of the healing work they do relies on specific colours or shapes (like gemstone colours or reiki shapes.) Regardless of how tied you are to colour and shape in your craft, the basic symbolism and iconography of our collective visual language is always a good place to start when you are building your brand.

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