Dancing in slippers under the light of the full moon

vale Video

A couple weeks ago I posted this dancey thing on Instagram.

This vulnerable thing. This sorta crazy, healing, thing.
The post had some healing to share.
Its fair share of ego.
A bunch of releasing.
A whack of what I still hold onto.

I shared the story that has been holding me back for years.

It’s about infertility. Family.
And what I can’t create.

It’s personal, so I wasn’t sure I would post.

I hesitated.

Then I had a what the heck do I have to lose moment.
I posted. I showed my husband.

He hugged me – paused – and then told me I looked like Napolean Dynamite with those slippers.
His humour brings me back to earth, and back to joy, all the time.

You can read the post by following the slippers and sunlight image below. 👇🏼

In 48 hours it had over 5,500 views, which is a big deal for my account.
It’s had more shares and mentions than anything else I have ever posted.
My witchy self says it must have been the full moon, because that slipper style is horrific.

My marketing brain says it was connection through honest expression.
That part of me that wants to be accepted and liked wonders if it was the dancing, or the lessons I shared of self-discovery.
It hopes I will find this same sweet spot in my future posts.

And I share this with you now to ask you about YOUR OWN STORY.


What thing do you tell yourself over and over again, that stops you from reaching your dreams?
What story sits on repeat in the back of your mind and has you stopping before you start,
or has you planning something “possible” instead of planning something badass?
What are your reasons for why not?

And, what if you could replace those reasons and barriers with a new story?
One that will transmute the old energy and one that will give you wings?
(Hint: You can.)
What would your life look like if you started to create new stories about yourself?

Here’s to a new era of story shattering and inspirational miracles,