Are you ready to embrace your big sacred goal, to instinctively know what you need to do next, and to build your dream using both strategic insight and your intuition?


This is powerful stuff. It’s real-world manifesting meets marketing, with some deep soul work thrown in. It’s experimental and woo-woo and highly strategic. And it works to get you creatively building a dream that’s 100% aligned with your soul’s desires.


The kicker is that you already know the way to happiness and abundance.

Spirit knows.

But sometimes spirit just needs a gentle reminder that you’d like to follow it’s lead, or – if you’re anything like I was, spirit may need a proverbial kick in the spirit-booty to shake things up a whole lot. We’ll work on your intuition and intention, and use some totally intuitive methods for stirring up your creative soul. (We need a good mix of metrics, business tools, meditation and oracle-thing-a-ma-jigs to get our creative curiosities to come out and play.) We need to guide our analytical (and often short-sighted) left brains in this process, so prepare to stretch your comfort zone in order to shift your perspective.

Yes, my methods are highly unorthodox. But they are also highly effective at getting you on the path towards business bliss.


The goal? Heaping teaspoons of clarity surrounding your own special flavour of brand magic, and a highly strategic game plan to help you successfully cast your gifts out into the world.

The recipe? Mixing two wildly different notions to make your big sacred dream a reality.

Notion 1.

You need to deliver your business strategically and thoughtfully into the world if you really wanna’ hit a home run. And that means you need an amazing brand that connects. Period.

and Notion 2.

You need to h̶a̶r̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ worship your intuition and your desire, so that you can manifest your destiny as a powerful co-creator. I’m going to repeat that idea again, and I’d love for you to say this out loud as you read it:

“I am a powerful co-creator, and I can will my big sacred dreams into being.”


Are you interested in blending your marketing with wee magical things under the moon?

(Yep, magic and marketing. That’s how we roll!)

I want in!

How do you know when this 3 month masterclass is the right fit?

The big sacred masterclass is for those who really want to up the ante – to stop playing small in the world and who want to walk powerfully in their own skin. It’s for movers and shakers who need a little extra ju-ju in their strategy, and a little extra marketing flair in their abundance sessions. And they are looking for an action plan to take them there. This class is 3 months, and includes group intention settings, live calls and lots of strategic power for you to dog into at home.

  • You know you have a powerful gift to share with the world
  • You are ready for this success, and to meet your “tribe”
  • You want to show up, everyday, fully authentic and in your own truth
  • Words like spiritual and manifestation make you smile
  • You need some brand magic and infectious marketing to help take you there
  • You are ready to feel inspired and unleashed, with an action plan to drive your success
Level 2 Masterclass Registration is now Open! If you are interested in Level 1, please look at our Branding & Magic Course.

We begin January 12, 2017 :
Big Sacred ☾ A Soulpreneur Masterclass!

We ran our intro course a few months ago, and now we are re-jigging it to make it even more juicy! This class is 3 months, includes live guest lectures, and more experiential magic. Set your intentions and get your magic aligned for 2017! 

Pricing for this 3 months of badass brand alignment is $888 USD for a limited time.

(Finance option available.)

 May 2016 course participants: I know you are waiting for more! Sit tight… it’s on the way 🙂

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